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Thanks for connecting to this site.

is a site that has been created for RETAILERS, BUYERS and TRADING COMPANY which want buy and distribute Italian Shoes all over the World.

Inside this site, every Shoe Company present
s some pictures as small overview of its collections and followed by a brief description of the Shoes shown.

If you need
any further information, feel free to contact us.

These products represent an example of the finest Italian design and technology with top quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

All Shoes Models are made
by selected leathers purchased directly from their original country and today several processing phases are still crafted in the artisan tradition.

The result is a high quality, modern line whose attractive prices.

Italian Shoes have been, are and will be synonimum
of quality , design and elegance for all the World.

on this site are available : Woman shoes, Men shoes , Woman elegant shoes, Woman trendy shoes ALL made in Italy.

Our  Shoes Factories
presents  their Shoes Collections at the following Shoes-Fair : Micam , Pitti , GDS , Ffanny , Expocalzado , Midec , Lineapelle , Mocap , Mipel , All China Leather Exibition , APLF , Asia Pacific Leather Fair , Premiervision , Panamerican Leather Fair.

Our Show-Room in Bologna is
at your disposal for Shoes samples

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new collection pictures, please insert here your e-mail. Thanks.


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